In the realm of digital domain,
Where aspirations soar and dreams reign, stands tall,
A beacon of hope for one and all.

Data Collection and Purpose

At the heart of our noble endeavor,
Lies the quest for knowledge, forever.
We collect information, with utmost care,
To guide you through paths, beyond compare.

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Guardians of Your Privacy

Fear not, dear visitor, for we vow,
To safeguard your data, here and now.
No third-party shall breach our gate,
Only trusted hands, your data shall mate.

Our Dwelling: USA

In the land where freedom reigns supreme,
We reside, like a waking dream.
Our home, the United States we claim,
Where your data finds sanctuary, untamed.

Child’s Play and Protection

Though children may wander, curious and bright,
Our site’s not tailored, to their delight.
But fret not, for protection’s our creed,
Ensuring safety, in every deed.

Fortresses of Security

With walls of encryption, sturdy and strong,
We shield your data, all day long.
No unauthorized soul shall dare to roam,
Within our realm, we call our home.

Rights of the Scholarly Souls

As a scholar, you hold rights profound,
To access, rectify, or erase, we’re bound.
Should you object, to data’s flow,
We’ll heed your call, as the rivers know.

Contact Us

For queries, concerns, or thoughts to share,
Reach out to us, without a care.
Uzairu Rajamani, our guide and friend,
At, you may send.


In this sanctuary of learning, we stand,
Hand in hand, with data at our command.
Trust in us, as we journey together,
Towards horizons bright, forever and ever.